Think about the best gift you’ve ever received… remember how it surprised or moved or wowed you. Maybe it was exactly what you wanted. Or maybe the giver put tremendous love and care into the gift.

Now, I’m betting it wasn’t a gift card, was it? Or cash? Or a hastily-scribbled check?

A special occasion deserves a truly special gift. Show you care with a customized gift from Diane’s Shopping Bag. I provide creative, memorable gift concepts and clever packaging-design for any special occasion: weddings, birthdays, professional events, and more.

Here are just a few examples of my unique gift ideas:

  • For a child’s fourth birthday: My client’s son was celebrating his fourth birthday in style: taking his first plane trip to see Grandma and Grandpa. I filled a child-sized suitcase with small, individually wrapped toys that the boy could play with on the plane—including a darling, customized coloring-book made from family photos.
  • For a housewarming party: I helped a client choose a kitchen appliance as a housewarming gift for a friend. But, of course, we didn’t stop there! To dress it up a bit, we included a recipe that she thought her friend would enjoy (one that used the appliance, of course). And when I wrapped the gift, I tied a wooden spoon into the bow.
  • For a second wedding: Since most people who are celebrating a second marriage are typically set with their house wares, you can’t just buy them a toaster and call it a day. I helped a client choose a special bottle of wine and a wine rack for the happy couple—with a card instructing them to enjoy the wine on their tenth anniversary!

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“I hired Diane to shop for a wedding present for my husband’s brother and wife. She interviewed me carefully as to their preferences, and we decided on a tablecloth and napkins for their new home. Diane went on an initial pricing visit and offered me several selections. After I made the choice, Diane then went back on a sale day to get the best price. I was thrilled to see Diane’s invoice, as her fee was almost covered by the reduction she got on the sale price. I highly recommend Diane’s services.” — Jenny, Portland, OR