A Creative Professional Who Hates Shopping

Sheila is a creative professional who was looking to upgrade her wardrobe with a few tops and jackets. She wanted to project a professional image, but needed sturdy clothes that could survive her bike commute.

Also, like many people, Sheila hates shopping. Here’s what she says:

“When I shop, I get overwhelmed with all the choices, and I’m terrible at coordinating pieces into outfits. I shop so rarely that I wind up wearing my clothes to rags. And then, when I do go out shopping, I spend too much money because I don’t have the patience for comparison shopping.”

Talk about the worst of both worlds! Spending too much money and not having the look she wants.

We met up for a couple hours of shopping at Macy’s, where we packed a dressing room with a few dozen items, and Sheila put on a fashion show for me. One of Sheila’s problems is that she lacks confidence when deciding whether an outfit looks right, so I was able to serve as a sounding board and help her listen to her inner voice.

In the end, Sheila wisely passed on a too-trendy jacket, some overpriced T-shirts, and plenty of pieces that didn’t fit quite perfectly. Instead, she happily walked away with a light, versatile jacket; three tops that would dress up her usual jeans; and, just for fun, a cute aqua-blue scarf. Five pieces, all for just a mere hundred dollars!