Whether you’ve lost mobility due to age or illness, or you just want to spend your golden years writing your memoirs instead of your grocery lists, Diane’s Shopping Bag can help with special services for retirees. I’m on call to research and purchase clothes, gifts, groceries, and more.

As a personal shopper, I help you:

  • Maintain independence: As an individual, your shopping choices reflect your unique taste and personality. As my client, you’re able to shop for the clothes, accessories, cosmetics, and personal products that you prefer, without having to arrange transportation or enlist busy family members.
  • Make the most of a fixed income: I help you shop smart and save money. I have a knack for comparing prices, combing the sale racks, and stretching that shopping dollar.
  • Maintain meaningful connections: Holiday cards and gifts are great ways to stay connected to loved ones. I’m here to help you research and select the perfect gift for any occasion—plus gift wrap, a greeting card, and shipping, too.
  • Have fun!: Some people love to shop, and for those folks, I say, “Let’s have some fun!” Some people hate to shop, in which case they can hand off the chore to me and reap the benefits without lifting a finger. No matter your attitude, I make shopping easy, social, and stress free.

How can I help you? Call or email for a complimentary consultation!